Australian Police Services

If someone you know is missing and you have serious concerns for their safety and welfare please notify your local police station immediately. There is no need to wait 24-48 hours.

Australian police are committed to undertaking thorough and extensive investigations where there are serious concerns for a missing person. For more information or advice about police response to missing person cases please contact the National Missing Persons Unit or the Police Missing Persons Unit in your State/Territory.


MPUs conduct searches for missing people and carry out associated investigations. Only one missing persons’ report should be filed with police in your State or Territory. Searches will then be coordinated on a national basis as required.

ACT Police MPU
Tel: (02) 6256 7475

NSW Police MPU
Tel: 1800 025 091

NT Police MPU
Tel: (08) 8922 3548

QLD Police MPU
Tel: (07) 3364 6213

SA Police MPU
Tel: (08) 8463 7868

TAS Police MPU
Tel: (03) 6230 2645

VIC Police MPU
Tel: (03) 9865 2828

WA Police MPU
Tel: (08) 9492 5471

What if someone was yelling at you?

What if someone was hurting you or about to hurt you?

What if you felt uncomfortable about the way someone was touching you or asking you to touch them?

What if bigger people were fighting?

What if someone asked you to keep a secret and you felt uncomfortable or yucky about it?

What if someone did something rude and said you mustn't tell?

What if someone is sending you nasty email messages or text messages on your mobile?

The Alannah and Madeline Foundation’s mission is "Taking care of the little things". The Better Buddies Program teaches children to care about the other children around them. The Better Buddies Program introduces and enhances primary schools’ Buddy systems. It delivers a very positive and effective anti-bullying, anti-violence message. We believe this will lead to reduced violence in our community
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