Other provisions of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act:

-- Require convicted child molesters to be listed in a national online database that is available to the public and can be searched by ZIP code.


-- Provide federal funding for states to track pedophiles using global positioning devices.

-- Allow victims of child abuse to sue their molesters.

-- Impose a mandatory minimum sentence of 30 years for raping a child and a mandatory 10-year penalty for sex trafficking offenses involving children and for coercing child prostitution.

-- Increase minimum sentences for child molesters who travel between states.

Congress Passes Adam Walsh Child Safety & Protection Act

Part of this important legislation calls to honor the memory of Adam Walsh and other child crime victims.
On July 25, 2006, the House passed the Adam Walsh Child Safety & Protection Act. Just a week earlier the bill passed the Senate in a unanimous vote. On Thursday, President Bush is expected to sign the bill into law in a White House ceremony. At his side will be John and Reve Walsh and other parents of children who tragically, never made it home.

President Signs H.R. 4472, the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006 July 27.2006

Some Highlights Of The Bill:

Establishes a comprehensive national system for the registration of sex offenders.

Establishes three tiers of sex offenders.

Requires all jurisdictions to enact criminal penalties for sex offenders who fail to comply with registration requirements.

Requires sex offenders to appear in person to verify their registration.

Imposes a fine and/or term of imprisonment for up to 20 years on sex offenders who knowingly fail to register.

Makes registration as a sex offender a mandatory condition of probation and supervised release.

Eliminates the statute of limitations for prosecutions of child abduction and felony sex offenses against children.

Directs the Attorney General to provide technical assistance to jurisdictions to help identify and locate sex offenders relocated due to a major disaster.

The Story Of Adam Walsh

In the summmer of 1981 the Walsh family was living the American dream. Adam was a happy 6 year old. John was building a successful marketing career and Reve was soon to learn that they were expecting their 2nd child.

The abduction and murder of Adam Walsh is perhaps one of the most famous child abduction cases. It is certainly one of the most frustrating. Over the years a grotesque serial killer confessed and recanted several times. But 25 years later, Adam's murder is still unsolved.
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Of the 550,000 registered sex offenders nationally, the whereabouts of about 100,000 are currently unknown. The Adam Walsh Act creates stricter requirements for sex offender registration -- to prevent offenders from slipping through the cracks and hurting our children.

One of the most important features of the bill is the creation of a national sex offender registry that will be available on the Internet. The legislation also calls for stricter prison sentences for offenders who fail to register and keep their information current. The offender will be assigned to one of three tiers; the worst offenders will have to check-in more frequently, and all offenders will have to register in person.

Official Title: An act to protect children from sexual exploitation and violent crime, to prevent child abuse and child pornography, to promote Internet safety, and to honor the memory of Adam Walsh and other child crime victims.

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While Congress may have passed the Adam Walsh law, and President Bush signed it, no money has been provided to help states implement it.  Walsh is calling on state officials to cut through the red tape –- and on Congress to provide the necessary funding –- to quickly put the Adam Walsh Law into effect and protect our kids.

Find nearby sex offenders
Congress has always been instrumental in helping to keep America’s children safe. I’m proud to say that I’ve seen members of Congress work in a bipartisan way on child-protection legislation.

Right now the Senate is working on two bills that will significantly improve the tools that law enforcement has to fight child predators on the Internet. One is the PROTECT Our Children/Combating Child Exploitation Act (Senate Bill 1738), which will increase the funding to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies that investigate these crimes. The other is the Securing Our Adolescents from online Exploitation Act (the S.A.F.E. Act). This law will increase the reporting of crimes against children to the CyberTipline, the congressionally-mandated reporting mechanism operated by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

These bills are necessary to the fight against child predators and I know they can be passed in a bipartisan way. The Senate is deciding whether to pass these bills now. I urge the Senate to do the right thing to help America’s children and pass Senate Bill 1738 and the S.A.F.E. Act.

-John Walsh

Published 9/25/08
Adam Walsh Murder Case Officially Closed
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