My dog Preshus and I are the  guardians of this shrine.  Shrine only last two weeks, so please come back.
Preshus has since gone over the Rainbow Bridge but she is still watching and waiting.
Please keep the candles burning for all missing and lost angels. Remember all the missing as their families desperately wait for answers. Also, remember all the lost angels who have gone on to God's Kingdom before us and are never far
from our thoughts and hearts.  It means so much that our missing loved ones
and our lost angels are never to be forgotten.
Linda's Shrine

Linda Rice Candle Shrine for Missing and Lost Loved Ones

Come, light a candle for the world

Or for someone precious

Bringing hope and love for all

In memory of our treasures.

Welcome to Our  World Candle Shrine

where I invite you to light a candle.

Your dedication is of your own choosing of course....

Some suggestions are listed here.

An Anniversary

A Wish

A Hope

A Desire

World Peace




Anything and Everything

Just click on "Enter" and you will be able to choose your candle

and add any appropriate words you might like to include.

This is totally private

as we have no way of knowing who lights a candle unless their name is included -

nor are we able to track anyone.

Thank you for your participation
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That old saying is supposed to explain why children do not inspire fear and respect among elected leaders. But the real reason children always lose out in the political arena is that adults don't fight for children the way they fight for themselves.

Children don't vote but neither do firearms, clean air, or whales. Adults protect their self-interests with money, lobbyists, and modern campaign strategies. Children make no political contributions, don't hire media specialists, and can't form PACs.

We lost our friend March 12th 2008
Marie Jacobs
My loving husband, Mike Capitonoff, went home to be with our Heavenly Father yesterday, December 24th at 11:10 am. 
Song recorded by Jake McCoy.  This was recorded for Mike, me and my family.  Jake sings like an angel and we'll play this at Mike's memorial service
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