Gunned Down


just like that.


in nothing flat.


at school, at work,

at the library,

at the park,

on the street,

in the sanctuary

of a place of worship

or home.


some with others,

some alone.


and left dead

or never the same.


leaving families

and friends

with gravestones,

running their fingers

over their names.




(c) Phyllis Jean Green
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I know there are so many tears and fears of
people...maybe someday there will be a place
for all of us..just to be..

There are 2 sides to Domestic Violence and missing / abused children. The horrid side which is depressing but there is another side. When someone comes through the other side in good shape. That needs to be told, too. Our motto is hope


You never have to be alone
You never have to fear
You are as close as a mouse click
To the friends who hold you dear

Through this door is friendship
Through this door you will find
A world of Angels who are waiting,
Who have your happiness in mind

Come right in and stay a while
Please leave us a post or two
Here you'll find helpful hints
And might learn a thing or two

Some days we may be quite silly
Some days we may be a little bad
But we always enjoy the company
And the discussions that we've had

The friendships here are solid
The friendships here are strong
We are a universal neighborhood
With a kind and healthy loving bond

If you need a shoulder to lean on
Or someone with a listening ear
We are always here to hold you up
Because we are the Angels That Care

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Sometimes it doesn't matter
how well we live our lives
How we take care of our children
love our husbands and our wives

Sometimes just trying to make a living
is snatched right from under our feet
Kissing our loved ones goodbye this morning
and never again to come home and greet

Sometimes we send our children off
with a hug and a silent prayer
Lifting them up to Heaven above
for our Lord to protect and care

Sometimes there are evil people
who have no regard for human lives
Torturing and hurting in terror,
killing others is their prize

Sometimes even our Mother Nature
can throw us devastation beyond compare
We can't always understand her fury
but for each other we must be there

Sometimes life seems unfair and cruel
even though we live our lives by the rule
Giving and sharing of ourselves with love
we must ask for guidance from up above

Sometimes we must help our fellow man
pray for the world as best as we can
Understand that this evil is only a few
condemn not the nations for what they do

Please come and rest here for a while
read the stories of these heroes brave
Help us to honor victims gone too soon
and forget not the ones who were saved

It is a special time.......
It should be a special time..........
Make it a special time.......
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The Empty Chair

By Kara Legere Minton on Tuesday, May 15, 2012 at 10:21am ·

I see the empty chair there

At the table where you’d sit,

I close your bedroom door tight

But still leave a lamp dimly lit.

I hold the bear you used to

When you were lonely or felt sad.

I still play your favorite songs;

The ones you'd danced with dad.

I still water your rose bush

The one you planted mother’s day,

I save a spot in church next to me

Hoping and waiting while I pray.

I still make dinner for four;

Even though I know there's only three.

I hold on tight to all your artwork

And just know you’ll come back to me.

I fix the crooked picture frames

Still hanging on the wall.

I look at them every day and say,

“I miss you, I love you, come home, that's all.”

I’ve tried to patch the piece of my heart

That lies empty all the time

But I can’t do that without you here;

you’re the piece absent in my life.

I’d give my life, my soul, my being

To know just where you are.

The pain that I can’t bear to take

I kissed up to the stars.

But I will never give up hope;

Or stop searching for my blessing.

Please remember me; the lost

Don’t ever give up on the missing.

Newtown, Connecticut (CNN) -- Dressed in black fatigues and a military vest, a heavily armed man walked into a Connecticut elementary school Friday and opened fire, shattering the quiet of this southern New England town and leaving the nation reeling at the number of young lives lost.

Within minutes, 26 people were dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School -- 20 of them children. Among the six adults killed were Dawn Hochsprung, the school's beloved principal, and school psychologist Mary Sherlach.

The shooter, identified by three law enforcement officials as 20-year-old Adam Lanza, also was killed, apparently by his own hand. Separately, his mother's body was found at a Newtown residence

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Bev Velvick Zuerlein
Running Away