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If you need help hunting a fugitive or help finding a missing child, please email me and I'll add them to my web site free of charge. This web site is maintained as a public service.

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"[The disappearances of children] are stories of bereavements sharper than death.  The sorrow of a fixed and
finished calamity abates with time;  the sorrow of suspense grows intenser the longer it endures. . .The loss of
a child by the hand of man involves treachery and cruelty, the despair of the family , the misery of the child,
its rearing in crime and shame for ruin, or -- less wretched fate -- early death. . .[Yet the child] is not
forgotten in the heart of infinite love;  not unwatched by the veil that never sleeps.  The hand that has
spread the veil will lift it."

  C. P. Krauth, introduction to Charley Ross, the Kidnapped Child (1876)
As quoted in preface to The Vanished Child,  Smith, Susan, NY: Ballantine Books, 1992
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Missing Children
Always, always, look at the faces of the missing. Remember that it could be your daughter or son, or any of many family members or close friends. It hurts when they are gone. Please help to bring them home.
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1 in 6 children featured in NCMEC's photo distribution program is recovered as a direct result of someone in the general public recognizing the child in the photo and notifying authorities.

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